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Optimized processes in control cabinet manufacturing


Control cabinet manufacturing is characterized by a high proportion of process costs. This is therefore an ideal starting point for improving profitability in the production of machines and systems.

In line with the individual specific circumstances, our experts work with you to develop a concept. Benefit from our experience of in-house machine building when it comes to creating individual and successful solutions.


Control cabinet manufacturing in conflict

Control cabinet manufacturing is a good example of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry in high-income countries where conflict exists between growing demands and solutions with limited potential uses.

Ever shorter delivery times and increasing competitive pressure demand error-free manufacturing processes. However, established methods and processes cannot cope with the new challenges in control cabinet manufacturing. The solution is to adopt industrial manufacturing principles.

Las zonas de tensión en la fabricación de armarios de control

The ClipX concept

As part of the ClipX concept, Phoenix Contact has developed a solution portfolio that takes all relevant company processes in control cabinet manufacturing into consideration and examines them systematically.

The ClipX concept is based on proven core technologies and broad expertise in the engineering, IT integration, production, and logistics environment.

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ClipX concept in a no-obligation information session? Then please complete the contact form on the right.

El concepto ClipX


Terminal strip production

The requirements in control cabinet and switchgear manufacturing are characterized by large-scale series production at one extreme and dynamic individual business at the other. Profitability and timely completion must be guaranteed in both cases.

As a partner to the switchgear manufacturing sector, Phoenix Contact not only provides all of the products needed to create the best control cabinets, but also supports users with a wide range of services. Our terminal strip production service in particular helps you to manage order peaks flexibly and enables you to deliver terminal strips just-in-time for series production. The fully assembled and marked terminal strips, already equipped with accessories, then simply have to be installed and connected.

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Servicio de regleteros de bornas


Worker assistance systems

Even changing from dedicated workstation assembly, where the worker handles the complete assembly of a control cabinet, to a synchronized collaborative assembly process using DIN rails can save costs. Phoenix Contact develops tailored solutions together with the Ruhr-University Bochum for in-house DIN rail assembly at manual workstations.

Here, new concepts are being developed for materials provision, communication between the workstations, the integration of MES systems, quality control and line-balancing regulation by means of buffer magazines, ergonomic aspects, and much more. Pick-by-light workstations help to reliably and efficiently guide workers through the assembly process. There is also particular focus on the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. Microsoft's HoloLens product is currently being trialed.

Are you interested in our portfolio and keen to discuss our
terminal strips in a no-obligation information session? Then please complete the contact form on the right.

Estación de trabajo Pick by Light


Quick and easy control cabinet wiring

 With Push-in connection technology, electrical systems can be wired consistently from the field to the controller – easily and without any tools. This creates opportunities for new, more efficient machine and system installations. The tool-free direct insertion of conductors and the optimally accessible front connection make Push-in Technology the connection technology of the future for automated wiring.

When using flexible conductors with ferrules, save additional wiring time by using portable tools for stripping and crimping. With the Crimphandy, conductors are stripped, fitted with a ferrule, and crimped in a single step. And all in just three seconds.

Combined with Push-in Technology, this significantly reduces the time required per connection: cutting the conductor to length, stripping it, manually fitting and crimping the ferrule, and connecting the conductor to the Push-in terminal block takes around 17 seconds, but the same steps are completed in just 10 seconds using Crimphandy

Cableado mediante la tecnología de conexión push-in y Crimphandy​​​​​​​

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